Berkeley Arts Festival Calendar



The ACTUAL TRIO with special guest Cecilia Engelhart:
"It's December, Let's Put On A Show"

The Trio - Dan Seamans, John Hanes and John Schott - return to the beloved Backroom for a show of our original music, as well as other songs with our special guest, vocalist Cecilia Engelhart. Cecilia delivers the goods, nay, the greats - her voice is a Stradivarius, she is fearless and a consummately musical improviser. She has been part of The Meredith Monk's ensemble since 2001; oh yeah, she's played percussion with Willie Colon and Paquito D'Rivera too!

We're featuring Songs for Agnostics this Winter: "It Ain't Necessarily So". By the way, have you ever heard the great Tom T. Hall's "Life Don't Have To Mean Nothing At All"? We also have a non-demon-I-nation-al holiday surprise on the program that is going to be a whopping good time! I can't tell you what it is, but, okay, a hint: know where to go.

Dec 20, 8pm to 9pm, The BACKROOM, 1984 Bonita Ave (at University)