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SPECTRAL - Darren Johnston, Dave Rempis, & Larry Ochs

The trio called SPECTRAL consists of the transcendent trumpeter Darren Johnston, Chicago alto sax giant Dave Rempis, and the guy with the shades on just above. 2 masterful CDs and one brilliant live-recording / digital-only-release all document this band's music, performed since 2012 on several USA tours and intermittent one-off shows.

An intimate house concert will occur, for your listening pleasure, in the Berkeley Hills . But despite the actual date, your luck will be good if you find a way to make this concert. Really beautiful chamber music energized by the cosmic ESP of master improvisers will make your day, if not your week. In other words, I personally am really looking forward to playing in this show, the only SPECTRAL show this year in the Bay Area.

>> Reservations are required. When you make the reservation, you will receive the address for the show. Wine and Cheese are served; the admission suggested price is $30. Email address for the host is
The review below - of Spectral's first trio CD from 2014 - gives a good sense of their music and the improvisatory interplay among these 3 artists:

"...This gathering conjoins the Chicago-based Rempis with two key players associated with the West Coast (Johnston and Ochs) for a series of seven improvised segments that excel in the inspired variety of sounds the three make together, seemingly with pronounced improvisational spontaneity.
Larry Ochs of course is best known for his key association as a member of the Rova Saxophone Quartet, but all three are no strangers to the horn-based chamber style. All three thrive in their association here. They listen closely to one another and respond with extraordinarily creative utterances. This is music that can go from volcanic explosions of energy to more subdued melodic interplay. The timbres evoked show the great control the artists have gained over the sound possibilities of their respective instruments and the note choices open up the musical universe to subtle or exhilarating melodic variations, sometimes one following close upon the other. In the end we hear great things, the art of three excellent improvisers forming a synergy that ranks with some of the best such outings in recent years. It is fascinating and ever-moving.
This is real-deal freedom!"
---posted by Gapplegate Music Reviews

Dec 13, 8pm to 9pm, Berkeley Hills