Berkeley Arts Festival Calendar


Afropop Spectacular: Alsarah and the Nubatones and Natu Camara

A double bill of Nubian electro-pop from Africa. Born in Sudan and based in Brooklyn, vocalist Alsarah weaves classic East African pop sounds with subtle electronics, Middle Eastern oud, driving percussion, and lilting vocal harmonies. Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Natu Camara has been heralded as "the Tina Turner of Guinea" and in the 1990s led The Ideal Black Girls, West Africa's first all-female hip-hop group. (Due to difficulties obtaining a visa, singer and guitarist Sidi Touré has cancelled his US tour and will not appear as part of this performance.)

Nov 8, 8pm to 10pm, Zellerbach Hall

Javanese Gamelan: Late twentieth-century works for Javanese Gamelan *Note: actual end time may vary.*

Late twentieth-century works for Javanese Gamelan Concerto for Piano and Gamelan by Lou Harrison (1917-2003)

Gamelan compositions by leading Javanese composers K.R.T. Wasitodiningrat (known as Pak Cokro, 1909-2007), and Ki Nartosabdho (1925-1985)

Gamelan Sari Raras directed by Midiyanto and Ben Brinner

Featuring soloists Sarah Cahill (piano) and Heni Savitri (vocals)

Nov 8, 8pm to 9pm, Hertz Concert Hall