Berkeley Arts Festival Calendar


Etude Club Concert, 1-2 pm



The Etude Club of Berkeley (ECB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting musical development among both adults and students in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Each month members perform a musical program for other members, their guests and the public, as well as an annual Young Artist Scholarship Competition for students 13 - 18 to develop musically. Winners perform for the Club and receive a cash scholarship prize.

The tea time following each monthly program is essential to our goals, as it allows the music to be discussed, performers to receive feedback, and new ensembles to be formed.

Sep 23, 1pm to 2pm, Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar St., Berkeley

DAN KOIS In Conversation with COURTNEY E. MARTIN

Dan Kois--New York Times Magazine contributing writer & and founding host of the podcast Mom and Dad Are Fighting--discusses his eye-opening, heartwarming, and very funny book, How to Be a Family: The Year I Dragged My Kids Around the World to Find a New Way to Be Together. Dan will be in conversation with New York Times columnist Courtney E. Martin.

What happens when one frustrated dad turns his kids' lives upside down in search of a new way to be a family? Dan Kois and his wife always did their best for their kids. Busy professionals living in the D.C. suburbs, they scheduled their children's time wisely, and when they weren't arguing over screen time, the Kois family-Dan, his wife Alia, and their two pre-teen daughters-could each be found searching for their own happiness. But aren't families supposed to achieve happiness together?

In this very funny family memoir, the fractious, loving Kois' go in search of other places on the map that might offer them the chance to live away from home-but closer together. Over a year the family lands in New Zealand, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, and small-town Kansas. The goal? To get out of their rut of busyness and distractedness and to see how other families live outside the East Coast parenting bubble.

HOW TO BE A FAMILY brings readers along as the Kois girls-witty, solitary, extremely online Lyra and goofy, sensitive, social butterfly Harper-like through the Kiwi bush, ride bikes to a Dutch school in the pouring rain, battle iguanas in their Costa Rican kitchen, and learn to love a town where everyone knows your name. Meanwhile, Dan interviews neighbors, public officials, and scholars to learn why each of these places work the way they do. Will this trip change the Kois family's lives? Or do families take their problems and conflicts with them wherever we go?

A journalistic memoir filled with heart, empathy, and lots of whining, HOW TO BE A FAMILY will make readers dream about the amazing adventures their own families might take.

Sep 23, 7pm to 8pm, Books Inc. 1491 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley