Berkeley Arts Festival Calendar


String Quartet Sundays featuring "The Town"

May 12, 1pm to 3pm, The Musical Offering Cafe, 2430 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

"Lost Illusions" | A Reading Group with Ken Knabb

Please join us in reading and discussing Balzac's great novel Lost Illusions. We will be gathering every other Sunday at 4:30-7:00 p.m. around the Big Table in the back of the bookstore for six meetings (March 17 & 31, April 14 & 28, & 26), then we'll move on to the next works in our series.* We will be using the translation by Kathleen Raine (Modern Library paperback). The bookstore will have copies for purchase. Participation is free, but donations of $10 or so per meeting are suggested to help support the bookstore, which provides us with a pleasant meeting space and complimentary wine, sandwiches, and cookies. For more information, please contact Ken Knabb -- * * * "Balzac is the epic poet of the barbarous age of industrial commercial civilization, what Marx called the period of primitive accumulation. "[Both authors] even have certain emotional and personality traits in common. Both are daemonic writers driven by prophetic fury into

May 12, 4:30pm to 7pm,