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California Dreamin

The Berkeley Way West Chorus

The Berkeley Way West Chorus presents
California Dreamin':
A Mini-Concert and Singalong

Apr 29, 12:10 noon to 1pm, First Floor Atrium Berkeley Way West

AGO: A New Workshop Production Written and Directed by Stan Lai

April 25-28, 2019
230 Hearst Gymnasium
Free Admission with Reservation*

We reminisce about the past, dream about the future, but are rarely present in the moment. In fact, as the word "present" slipped through our tongues, it was already AGO. Stan Lai (creator of A Dream Like A Dream, which first used the unique "theatre in the surround" configuration) has returned to UC Berkeley to create AGO, a play that examines the journey of characters through repeated triumph and failure, victory and folly.

Displaced from a small mountain village near the Himalayas to the never-sleeping New York, people are chased by calamities, searching for a pure land of eternal fulfillment and happiness. The play is a rare experience of theatre in the "surround." AGO in its entirety is conceived to be a 3 1/2 hour performance in 4 Acts. For this performance, we are presenting Acts 1 and 2. Act 3 takes place in New York and the Himalayas, where the surviving characters set forth to find the Pure Land in Dorje's visions. The aftermath of this expedition is Act 4, set in New York.

*Online ticket link closes 2 hours before showtime. After that time, you may request admission at the door, depending on seating availability.

Apr 29, 7pm to 10:30pm, 230 Hearst Gymnasium

Gil Shaham, violin; Akira Eguchi, piano

Gil Shaham, Akira Eguchi, Cal Performances

Kreisler/Praeludium and Allegro (In the Style of Pugnani)
Prokofiev/Five Melodies, Op. 35
Franck/Sonata in A Major for Violin and Piano
Bach/Partita No. 3 in E Major for Solo Violin Saint-Saëns/Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso in A minor, Op. 28
Avner Dorman/Sonata No. 3, Nigunim

Apr 29, 8pm to 10pm, Zellerbach Hall

The House of the Spirits

Michael Moran

A new play by Caridad Svich | Based on a novel by Isabel Allende | Directed by Michael Moran

Based on Isabel Allende's best-selling novel, Caridad Svich's <em>The House of the Spirits</em> follows three generations of the Trueba family-their loves, their ambitions, their spiritual quests, and their place in the post-colonial social and political turmoil embroiling their South American country. This darkly poetic adaptation incorporates magical realism to weave the personal and the political into a universal story of love, magic, and fate.

Apr 29, 8pm to 10pm, Zellerbach Playhouse