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Possum Family Singers @ The Starry Plough Pub

Every 1st and 3rd Saturdays from 5-7. Sometimes rollickin', sometimes introspective, The Possum Family Singers bring you singer/songwriters, country, pop, old-school, new school, and special guests. Tips appreciated!

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5pm to 6pm, The Starry Plough Pub - 3101 Shattuck Avenue - Berkeley

Emigres & Exiles in Hollywood

E4TT's first self-presented concert in their eleventh season is a wonderful program of rarely heard classical compositions by composers who fled a conflict-ridden Europe in the 1930s and `40s-some, such as Franz Waxman (1905-1967), Alexandre Tansman (1897-1986), Erich Korngold (1897-1957), John Williams' teacher Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968)and Miklós Rozsa (1907-1995), going on to win multiple Academy Awards and create the characteristic Hollywood sound that shaped what we hear at the movies today, and others, such as twelve-tone composer Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1945) and Ernst Toch (1987-1964), continuing their role as seminal composers and major teachers and deeply influencing the course of classical music in the U.S. The program will also include selections from E4TT's April 6, 2018 release, "The Hungarians: from Rozsa to Justus," which won a Gold Medal in the 2018 Global Music Awards, and will be the focus of E4TT's November tour to UCLA and the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.

Mazurkas by Polish composer Alexandre Tansman (Paris Underground)
Op. 31 #3 (Der "Jongleur," 1923) for piano by Austrian-American composer Ernst Toch
"Chant hébraique" (1928) arranged for cello and piano, by Italian-American Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (And Then There Were None, Time Out of Mind)
Selections from "November" for solo piano by Austrian-AmericanEric Zeisl (Above Suspicion, The Looters)
Songs by Austrian-American Arnold Schoenberg and German/Polish-American Franz Waxman (A Place in the Sun, Sunset Boulevard)
Songs by David Garner (2012-13, from E4TT's award-winning first CD, "Surviving: Women's Words
Serenade from Der Schneeman (1909) for cello and piano, by Czech-American prodigy Erich Korngold (The Adventures of Robin Hood)
Duo Op. 8 for cello and piano (1931) by Hungarian-American composer Miklos Rozsa (Ben Hur, Spellbound, and A Double Life
Vocalise (1995) by German-American Andre Previn (My Fair Lady, Irma La Douce, Gigi)
Nanette McGuinness, soprano; Anne Lerner-Wright, cello; Xin Zhao, guest pianist
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Cost: Students - $5 Seniors - $20 Adults - $30

7:30pm to 9pm, Berkeley Piano Club, 2724 Haste Street Berkeley