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Eclectic mix of funk, rock, afro, jazz and world tinged grooves.

Sep 7, 11:45am to 2:45pm, The Cheeseboard Pizza, 1512 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Super Cinema @Central

October 2018
The 1980s-Blockbusters!
Friday, October 5 Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 / 115 min. / PG / CC

It's 1936. The US government hires archaeologist "Indiana" Jones (Harrison Ford) to find the Ark of the Covenant before Nazi Commander Arnold Toht grabs it for Hitler. The Germans believe the Ark will make their armies invincible. Marion Ravenwood (Karen Black), who is an old love interest of Indy's, joins him in a wildly daring, suspenseful mission to defeat Toht. George Lucas co-wrote the story and co-financed the film. Directed by Steven Spielberg.

Friday, October 12 Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 1988 / 104 min. / PG / CC

In this film, set in 1947 LA, humans and animated cartoon characters ("Toons") co-exist on the screen. When "Toon" Roger Rabbit gets framed for the murder of a businessman who owns Toontown, he hires rumpled Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) to clear his name. Eddie racks up delicious allusions to Noir as he does. Kathleen Turner voices Jessica Rabbit, Roger's partly human wife, and Christopher Lloyd is the villain, Judge Doom. Robert Zemeckis directs.

Friday, October 19 E.T. the Extraterrestrial 1982 / 115 min. / PG / CC

Steven Spielberg directs E.T., a science fiction fantasy. Young Elliott befriends a space alien who accidentally has been left behind by his spaceship's crew. The boy and his siblings decide to hide E.T. until he can be rescued. As Elliott begins to experience a psychic connection with E.T., US government scientists start to hunt E.T. for their own purposes. At the same time, Elliott and E.T. fall ill. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beloved films of all time.

Friday, October 26 The Shining 1980 / 146 min. / R / CC

Aspiring writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) accepts a job as winter caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. His wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and pre-school age son Danny (Danny Lloyd) go with him.. Jack hears the disturbing story that a former caretaker had gone mad while there, murdered his family and killed himself-but keeps it to himself. With six months ahead of them, they settle in, cut off from the world.

November 2018 On-Screen Chemistry Before 1950
Friday, November 2 Swing Time 1936 / 103 min. / NR

Small town vaudevillian Lucky Garnett (Fred Astaire) is a no-show for his own wedding, but he still hopes to marry his girl. He seeks the wealth he thinks he needs in New York City, where he meets Penny (Ginger Rogers), a dancing instructor. It's a big conflict for Lucky, but the starstruck two form a successful dance act...and fall for each other. Arguably, Swing Time has the most complex dancing and the most plausible romance in the Astaire/Rogers franchise.

Friday, November 9 To Have and Have Not 1944 / 100 min. / NR

Based on the Ernest Hemingway novel and directed by Howard Hawks, this is a romantic adventure drama that centers on Harry Morgan (Humphrey Bogart), a fishing boat captain in the Vichy France-controlled colony of Martinique. A very young Lauren Bacall plays Slim, a steamy American singer who seduces Morgan ("You know how to whistle, don't you?") When Morgan reluctantly agrees to use his boat to rescue Resistance fighters, will Slim stand by him?

Friday, November 16 Adam's Rib 1949 / 101 min. / NR

Married couple Garson Kanin and actress Ruth Gordon wrote the screenplay for this classic comedy. It's about married lawyers (Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn) who face off as prosecutor and defense attorney in the trial of Doris Attinger (Judy Holliday) for the attempted murder of her two-timing husband (Tom Ewell). Holliday is priceless. Directed by George Cukor, Adam's Rib is # 7 on the American Film Institute's Top Ten List of Romantic Comedies.

Friday, November 23 LIBRARY CLOSED-Day After Thanksgiving


Friday, November 30 The New World 2006 / 150 min. / PG-13

Terrence Malik ("The Tree of Life") wrote and directed this film depicting the 1607 founding of Jamestown Colony in Virginia. Yes, Captain John Smith (Colin Farrell) travels upriver, is captured and held prisoner by Chief Powhatan. Smith and the Chief's daughter, Pocohontas (Q'orianka Kilcher), do fall in love. But the filmmaker chooses to focus on the natural world's deep, dreamlike impact on them, not ephemeral chemistry. Their dream does not last, not for them, not for their "tribes." In 2006, The New World opened to mildly positive reviews, but it has grown in stature since then. Emmanuel Luzbeki's brilliant cinematography is often cited as its crowning achievement. Mick LaSalle has called the film a masterpiece and the best film of its decade. Roger Ebert 4-starred it from the start.

Sep 7, 3pm to 5pm, 2090 Kittredge St. (at Shattuck), Berkeley, CA 94704

Kickin' the Mule

Kickin' the Mule plays a variety of jazz- and blues-related genres: New Orleans R&B, Oakland and Chicago blues, Memphis and Motown soul, and Oakland funk.

Sep 7, 4:45pm to 7:45pm, The Cheeseboard Pizza, 1512 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Extramarital Sextet/East Bay Hextet


Sep 7, 6:30pm to 9:30pm, 1724 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

Leon Bridges: with guests: Masego *Note: actual end time may vary.*

On his sophomore album Good Thing, Leon Bridges' voice breaks into the debut single "Bad Bad News" in much the same way the artist broke into the public eye in 2015 - forcefully, honestly, and all at once. "They tell me I was born to lose," he sings with characteristic soulfulness, "but I made a good, good thing out of bad, bad news."

The lyric is a fitting way to sum up a whirlwind ascent for the young artist. In 2015, Bridges' first album, Coming Home, surprised the music industry by debuting at #5 on the Billboard Top 200. Only months prior, he had been playing sparsely attended open mics in Dallas-Fort Worth after work washing dishes at a local restaurant. In a span of three years, Coming Home would take Leon to the White House to perform for former President Obama, see him on the stage of Saturday Night Live and earn him nominations for two Grammy Awards including Best R&B Album. The debut album has gone on to sell over 500,000 records (certified RIAA Gold) and has been streamed 350 million times and Leon now regularly sells out 10,000-person capacity rooms in cities around the world.

Sep 7, 7pm to 8pm, Hearst Greek Theatre

The Jazz Fourtet

Sep 7, 7pm to 9pm, Caffè Chiave, 4045 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611, USA

Small Crush // Ridgeway [LA] // Sarchasm // Hooplah!

West Coast Worship, Day 2!

Small crush
[Oakland, CA]
[Los Angeles, CA]

[Berkeley, CA // Asian Man Records]
[Oakland, CA // Slang Church]

All Ages
Doors 7:30pm // Music 7:45pm
$10 + $2 Gilman Membership
Breakfast will be served

924 Gilman Street, Berkeley, California 94710.
An All Ages DIY, Volunteer Run, 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, Music & Art Community Space Since 1986.

Sep 7, 7:30pm to 11:59pm, 924 Gilman, 924 Gilman St, Berkeley

Hurricane Sam & the Hotshots

Sam Rudin, who is of course the creator and owner of The Back Room, is also one of the most exciting pianists you are ever likely to hear. Sam attacks and caresses the keyboard, romping through the whole range of 20th century American music. He can evoke the spirit of Fats Waller, Oscar Peterson, Mose Allison and Jerry Lee Lewis...sometimes all at the same time. He is also a compelling vocalist whose rough-hewn voice conveys both drama and humor.

Rudin's first gig under his own name as a bandleader came when he was 24 and it proved to be ill-fated. He and his group had been hired to play on a cruise ship. They'd been at sea only a day when a hurricane struck off the North Carolina coast, destroying all of the band's equipment.

After that incident, some of Rudin's musician friends, referring also to his high-energy, can't-sit-down performing style, started calling him Hurricane Sam. Eventually he embraced the moniker and launched a career as a solo performer, earning a reputation for bringing the rhythmic intensity of an entire band, and for utilizing every possible genre of American music "from blues to be-bop and from ragtime to rock & roll," as some early publicity put it. When he formed a band several years later to concentrate on that blues/jazz borderline, they were "Hurricane Sam and the Hot Shots."

From 1990 to 2008, the band could be found in clubs, concerts, and jazz and blues festivals throughout the state, and was a particular fixture at Berkeley's late, lamented Anna's Jazz Island. But the financial troubles of 2008 made the festival gigs a lot harder to find, and Anna's closed down, and other life events Sam started performing less and less, and the band not at all, and Sam started thinking about the ideal music venue, and wouldn't it be nice if he could put something like that together.

And now here we are, years later, and The Back Room is a reality. It is definitely time for the Return of Hurricane Sam & the Hotshots!

And who are these Hotshots?

Jeff Ervin (Sax)
Years ago, Jeff was playing classic rhythm & blues with the Zazu Pitts Memorial Orchestra. More recently, he has been touring the West Coast and Europe with the classic swing of Stompy Jones. Along the way he has recorded with Bill Withers and Taj Mahal, among others. He's a versatile pro, but more than that-Jeff knows how to wail. When he steps up to the mike he blows the house down, and there are plenty of folks who say he is the most exciting saxophonist they've ever seen.

Jimmy Hobson (Drums)
Jimmy spent his early years carving out a name for himself in the highly competitive world of Los Angeles recording sessions. He earned several Gold records there, and his long and varied list of credits includes Billy Preston, Hall & Oates, Evelyn "Champagne" King and even Celine Dion. When he came to the Bay Area, he joined Tom Rigney in the Sundogs, which subsequently became nationally known for their blend of zydeco and rock.

Steve Evans (Bass)
One of the most sought-after and respected bass players in Northern California, Steve is best known in the blues community, but is equally comfortable in jazz, pop, and folk settings. He has toured with with Charlie Musselwhite, Bob Weir, Joan Baez, Big Mama Thornton, Coco Montoya, Elvin Bishop and Chris Cain. For many years he anchored the band for internationally-known guitar great Roy Rogers. And he is a founding member of Hurricane Sam & the Hotshots!

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Advance tickets are available at the link below, or you may purchase your tickets at the door the night of the show. Doors open one half hour before show time. We accept cash only at the door (ATMs are nearby).

The Back Room is an all-ages, BYOB (for those 21+) space, dedicated to (mostly) acoustic music of all kinds. You are welcome to bring your own adult beverage with no additional corkage fee. If you need more information or have any questions, please call us: #510-654-3808. Thank you for your support!

Sep 7, 8pm to 10pm, The Back Room, 1984 Bonita Ave, Berkeley

The Morchestra

While recent shows have featured special guests, this time out we feature the band qua band, so you can hear these people stretch out playing atmospheric originals, big band funk, Morchified standards and Brazilian jewels.

Band Members and Instrumentation: Saxes: Tim Devine, Dick Mathias, Dave Tidball, Guido Fazio, Charlie Keagle;  Trumpets: Brad Catania, Walt Beveridge, Rachel Doolittle, Ian Carey; Trombones: Derek James, Dave Martell, David Otey, Richard Lee; Piano: Laura Klein; Bass: Karl Hartmann; Drums: Kelly Fasman; Director, Lone Arranger and guitar: Tony Corman

Group Bio: The Morchestra is a Berkeley-based jazz orchestra that plays big band jazz filtered through half-vast musical midden that is the mind of arranger and composer Tony Corman, a mid-century East-Coaster long resident in the Bay Area. The players in the band are Bay Area stalwarts, fine professionals all, and the material is a rich mix of standards. The spirit is one of sophisticated fun, enjoyable for both the deeply initiated jazz listener and civilians who simply love music in all its positive manifestations.

Facebook Link:

Sep 7, 8pm to 9pm, California Jazz Conservatory 2087 Addison St, Berkeley

Linda Tillery's 70th Birthday Extravaganza, Linda Tillery, Hills to Hollers, Venezuelan Music Project, The Cultural Heritage Choir, Kugelplex, MC Diane Amos

Linda Tillery's career began in 1967 as lead singer of the Berkeley based, psychedelic soul band, Loading Zone. Since those early days she has collaborated as vocalist and percussionist on more than eighty recordings with the likes of Santana, Huey Lewis and the News, The Whispers, Taj Mahal, Kenny and Pete and Sheila Escovedo. She was both artist and producer at Olivia Records, was a founding member of Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra, and founded Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir. Linda's journey is a true representation of the Bay Area music scene - through psychedelic 60's soul, groundbreaking 70's activism, 80's R&B glitz, numerous cross cultural collaborations and since 1990, her exploration into the roots of the African American music experience. Now, in 2018, she is at the height of her musical powers, continuing her adventures in sound, and exploring what it means to be a local legend.
Hills to Hollers
Hills to Hollers
From the hills of Bluegrass to the hollers of the African-American musical experience, Hills to Hollers delves deep into the rich history of both white and black musical traditions from the American South. This powerhouse trio of Laurie Lewis, Linda Tillery, and Barbara Higbie, features soaring three-part harmonies, unmatched musicianship, and soulful performances of both classic and original southern music.

Venezuelan Music Project
Jackeline Rago: Musical Director, Lead Vocals, Strings, Percussion
Francy Hernandez Crowley: Lead Vocals
Jimmy Kansau: Lead Vocals
Anna-Maria Violich: Lead Vocals
Omar Ledezma Jr.: Percussion, Lead Vocals,
Donna Viscuso: Flute, Alto Sax
Sam Bevan: Bass,
Michaelle Goerlitz: Drums

The Cultural Heritage Choir
Linda Tillery and the The Cultural Heritage Choir is a Grammy © nominated, percussion driven, vocal ensemble whose mission is to help preserve and share the musical traditions of the African Diaspora with particular emphasis on music of the Southern United States. We connect this music to its West African and Caribbean origins.

Since 1992, Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir, have become world renowned for their breathtaking performances and commitment to the authenticity of African-American roots music and music from the African diaspora. Their vocals are soulful and germane, their rhythms are a fusion of southern grit and carribean heat!!

The groups first collaboration with veteran performers Taj Mahal and Eric Bibb titled "Shakin' A Tailfeather," was nominated for a Grammy [1997] and their second collaborative effort "Hippity Hop," was awarded a Parents Choice Award (2000). The group's (2003) recording titled "Say Yo' Business", was nominated for a California Music Award.

If you would like to delve deeply into the diverse resources of African-American roots music and learn the tradition of call and response and the rhythms that drive this music and give it vitality, the Cultural Heritage Choir will teach you how to approach singing with the ears, eyes and the heart. Learn to sing Work Songs, Spirituals, Children's Play Songs, Field Hollers, Moans, Ring Shouts, Plantation Dances and a little bit of Bomba!

The cultural heritage choir is Linda Tillery, Rhonda Benin, Tammi Brown, Bryan Dyer, Zoe Ellis and Javier



is the West Coast's most rockin'-est purveyor of klezmer and old-world party music. Formed in 2001, the group plays wild, soulful dance music at concerts, festivals and jewish lifecycle events throughout the United States. We've performed with Joan Baez, the Oakland Symphony, the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir and Frank London, Linda Tillery, Jewlia Eisenberg, Nils Frykdahl, Kitka, Rumen Shopov, and many other great artists.

Kugelplex has received awards from the Zellerbach Family Foundation and San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music, and has been the klezmer-band-in-residence with the Oakland Symphony for the past 10 years.

The ensemble features an all-star cast of Bay Area virtuoso musicians. Everyone in the ensemble tours internationally, performs/records with a wide range of bands, and then comes together as Kugelplex to play this music that we so deeply love. It is our mission to keep this old-world klezmer tradition thriving into the 21st century and beyond...

MC Diane Amos
Diane Amos is a San Francisco-based actress, improv artist, and comedian who is known as The Pine Sol Lady for having starred in their national commercials for over 20 years. She has appeared in numerous films including Nine Months, Copycat, Angels in the Outfield, EDTV, Twisted, and Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine. Diane was a semi-finalist in Star Search, has been on A& E's Evening at The Improv, Lifetime's Girls' Night Out, and Comedy Central's Women Aloud. She has also been a winner on the game shows: Wheel of Fortune, $25,000 Pyramid, and Super Password. She was raised in SF by two lesbian mothers and attended Washington High School in the Richmond District, where took an improvisational comedy class...and the rest is history.

Sep 7, 8pm to 11pm, Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse, 2020 Addison Street, Berkeley

Mama Brd @ The Starry Plough Pub

Playing covers and original tunes ranging from Motown to contemporary pop, Mama BRD blends soul, R&B, and rock with a singer-songwriter aesthetic. Whether it's with a delightful harmony or a tasty guitar lick, the trio offers a full and dynamic sound that lends itself to both intimate and boisterous environments. Mama BRD is comprised of East Bay natives Austin Prince (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Andrew Harris (rhythm/lead guitar), and Phil Stein-Webber (drums/vocals).

For details, click here:

Sep 7, 8pm to 11pm, The Starry Plough Pub - 3101 Shattuck Avenue - Berkeley

Mykal Rose with Reggae Angels

For thirty years, Michael Rose has been recording and performing his brand of militant, hardcore Jamaican music to the delight of reggae fans around the world. As a solo artist, with Black Uhuru, and back as a solo artist, the "Ruff" Rose has achieved great success throughout his career, even as different Jamaican musical styles have phased in and out of popularity.

Perhaps the highest profile recognition came in 1984, when Michael Rose and the other Black Uhuru members (Duckie Simpson, Puma Jones, Sly Dunbar, and Robbie Shakespeare) won reggae's first Grammy award for the album, Anthem. But the story doesn't begin with Black Uhuru. In 1976, Michael Rose was already a seasoned performer, having honed his skills by performing on Jamaica's hotel circuit. When an early incarnation of Black Uhuru (Ducky Simpson and Errol Nelson) approached Michael to join the group, he already had several solo singles to his credit. These include the original "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" and "Clap the Barber," both recorded for producer Niney The Observer, and "Running Around" for Winston Campbell.

Black Uhuru's first full length was released in 1977 and called Love Crisis. It was produced by King Jammy (then Prince Jammy), and the big hit of the album was "I Love King Selassie." But it was not until the Showcase album was released in 1980-with a new lineup of Michael Rose, Duckie Simpson, and Puma Jones-that Black Uhuru reached their creative peak. Heartbeat reissued the set on CD (Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, HB 18), which includes the massive 12" singles "Shine Eye Gal," "General Penitentiary," "Plastic Smile," and of course, "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner." At the forefront of the recordings and live shows was the charismatic Michael Rose, who had incredible stage presence and a vocal style all his own. So popular was his trademark sound that singers like Don Carlos, Junior Reid, Yami Bolo , and others embraced it as the "Waterhouse" sound.

Throughout the first half of the 1980s, Black Uhuru continued their success with albums on Island Records-Sinsemilla, Red, Chill Out, and Anthem, along with compilations, dub albums, and live albums. They became the best-known reggae act since Bob Marley, and won the first reggae Grammy for Anthem in 1984. Even today, Island continues to capitalize on the group's success by re-compiling and re-releasing the group's Island years material.

With lead singer Michael Rose seemingly at the top of his game, he parted ways with Black Uhuru, with the intention of redefining his musical direction as a solo artist. In the early 1990s, Michael Rose suddenly appeared on the scene with new material including Jamaican singles produced by Sly & Robbie ("Monkey Business," "Visit Them," "One a We Two a We"), and three albums (Proud, Bonanza, and King of General) released in Japan.

As a solo artist, Michael regularly tours the U.S. and Europe, and has maintained his Jamaican fan base with hit singles on the island and abroad. He is a modern roots singer, and fits perfectly into today's scene. With a glorious past and a wide-open future, Michael Rose is truly a reggae superstar.

Doors at at 8:30pm / Show at 9pm
Tickets are $25 Advance / $30 Day of Show
Buy Tickets Here

Sep 7, 9pm to 11:59pm, Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center, 1317 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

COLORS Presents: R&B ONLY with Dauchè, and Jabari


R&B ONLY has exploded as the largest celebration of R&B music across the country and we're excited to bring it back to the Bay Area for a night you won't forget!

Join Dauché and Jabari on the 2018 R&B ONLY tour!

R&B ONLY always sells out in advance. Act fast to get Presale tickets before the price increases, at this price tickets won't last long!

Sep 7, 9:30pm to 11:30pm, The UC Theatre Taube Family Music Hall, 2036 University Avenue, near Downtown Berkeley BART, Berkeley, CA, 94704