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Cascada De Flores

May 25, 11:45am to 2:45pm, Cheese Board Pizza, 1512 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Super Cinema @Central

October 2018
The 1980s-Blockbusters!
Friday, October 5 Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 / 115 min. / PG / CC

It's 1936. The US government hires archaeologist "Indiana" Jones (Harrison Ford) to find the Ark of the Covenant before Nazi Commander Arnold Toht grabs it for Hitler. The Germans believe the Ark will make their armies invincible. Marion Ravenwood (Karen Black), who is an old love interest of Indy's, joins him in a wildly daring, suspenseful mission to defeat Toht. George Lucas co-wrote the story and co-financed the film. Directed by Steven Spielberg.

Friday, October 12 Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 1988 / 104 min. / PG / CC

In this film, set in 1947 LA, humans and animated cartoon characters ("Toons") co-exist on the screen. When "Toon" Roger Rabbit gets framed for the murder of a businessman who owns Toontown, he hires rumpled Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) to clear his name. Eddie racks up delicious allusions to Noir as he does. Kathleen Turner voices Jessica Rabbit, Roger's partly human wife, and Christopher Lloyd is the villain, Judge Doom. Robert Zemeckis directs.

Friday, October 19 E.T. the Extraterrestrial 1982 / 115 min. / PG / CC

Steven Spielberg directs E.T., a science fiction fantasy. Young Elliott befriends a space alien who accidentally has been left behind by his spaceship's crew. The boy and his siblings decide to hide E.T. until he can be rescued. As Elliott begins to experience a psychic connection with E.T., US government scientists start to hunt E.T. for their own purposes. At the same time, Elliott and E.T. fall ill. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beloved films of all time.

Friday, October 26 The Shining 1980 / 146 min. / R / CC

Aspiring writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) accepts a job as winter caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. His wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and pre-school age son Danny (Danny Lloyd) go with him.. Jack hears the disturbing story that a former caretaker had gone mad while there, murdered his family and killed himself-but keeps it to himself. With six months ahead of them, they settle in, cut off from the world.

November 2018 On-Screen Chemistry Before 1950
Friday, November 2 Swing Time 1936 / 103 min. / NR

Small town vaudevillian Lucky Garnett (Fred Astaire) is a no-show for his own wedding, but he still hopes to marry his girl. He seeks the wealth he thinks he needs in New York City, where he meets Penny (Ginger Rogers), a dancing instructor. It's a big conflict for Lucky, but the starstruck two form a successful dance act...and fall for each other. Arguably, Swing Time has the most complex dancing and the most plausible romance in the Astaire/Rogers franchise.

Friday, November 9 To Have and Have Not 1944 / 100 min. / NR

Based on the Ernest Hemingway novel and directed by Howard Hawks, this is a romantic adventure drama that centers on Harry Morgan (Humphrey Bogart), a fishing boat captain in the Vichy France-controlled colony of Martinique. A very young Lauren Bacall plays Slim, a steamy American singer who seduces Morgan ("You know how to whistle, don't you?") When Morgan reluctantly agrees to use his boat to rescue Resistance fighters, will Slim stand by him?

Friday, November 16 Adam's Rib 1949 / 101 min. / NR

Married couple Garson Kanin and actress Ruth Gordon wrote the screenplay for this classic comedy. It's about married lawyers (Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn) who face off as prosecutor and defense attorney in the trial of Doris Attinger (Judy Holliday) for the attempted murder of her two-timing husband (Tom Ewell). Holliday is priceless. Directed by George Cukor, Adam's Rib is # 7 on the American Film Institute's Top Ten List of Romantic Comedies.

Friday, November 23 LIBRARY CLOSED-Day After Thanksgiving


Friday, November 30 The New World 2006 / 150 min. / PG-13

Terrence Malik ("The Tree of Life") wrote and directed this film depicting the 1607 founding of Jamestown Colony in Virginia. Yes, Captain John Smith (Colin Farrell) travels upriver, is captured and held prisoner by Chief Powhatan. Smith and the Chief's daughter, Pocohontas (Q'orianka Kilcher), do fall in love. But the filmmaker chooses to focus on the natural world's deep, dreamlike impact on them, not ephemeral chemistry. Their dream does not last, not for them, not for their "tribes." In 2006, The New World opened to mildly positive reviews, but it has grown in stature since then. Emmanuel Luzbeki's brilliant cinematography is often cited as its crowning achievement. Mick LaSalle has called the film a masterpiece and the best film of its decade. Roger Ebert 4-starred it from the start.

May 25, 3pm to 5pm, 2090 Kittredge St. (at Shattuck), Berkeley, CA 94704

Big B and the Snake Oil Saviors

Classic country music with local crooner, Big B.

May 25, 4:45pm to 7:45pm,

The Dark is My Delight: Elizabethan and Jacobean Consort Songs and Dances

The Dark is My Delight: Elizabethan and Jacobean Consort Songs and Dances
Barefoot Chamber Concerts ("an enterprise noted for both its quality and informality" - San Francisco Classical Voice) presents really good music in the right acoustic and without the formality of most classical music events.

Barefoot's last concert of the regular season (there is more Barefoot in June, at the Berkeley Festival Fringe!) features music from the Elizabethan and Jacobean courts and theatres. Last season's collaboration between Hallifax & Jeffrey and Shira Kammen was so well received that a sequel was inevitable, and this time, the impeccable voice of local (and international) star Rita Lilly is added to the mix for an unforgettable program. There will be Dowland, there will be bird songs, there will be songs about the misery of love, and about wreathing arms, there will be dances of all kinds (especially pavans), and all in the fabulous wooden acoustic of St. Mark's Parish Hall. There will, of course, also be snax.

Rita Lilly Soprano
Shira Kammen Violin
Julie Jeffrey Viola da gamba
Peter Hallifax Viola da gamba

Price Range: $20
Tickets: 510-220-1195

May 25, 6pm to 7pm, St Mark's Episcopal Church, 2300 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704, United States

HJKL (Peter Hallifax, viol; Julie Jeffrey, viol; Shira Kammen, violin; and Rita Lilly, soprano "The Dark is My Delight" - Elizabethan and Jacobean Consort Songs and Music

One of last season's runaway successes was the HJK trio's program of Elizabethan gems. This time around they've added local superstar soprano Rita Lilly, so the program will include some absolutely incredible consort songs as well as some new trios. For all you fans of Elizabethan music, this one is not to be missed!
All tickets $20
18 and under admitted free and welcome.
Tickets at the door or reserve online (recommended) at

May 25, 6pm to 8pm, St. Mark's Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 2300 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

The Bob Roden Quintet.

The Bob Roden Quintet.  We play what one might call "accessible jazz" - a variety of jazz styles, but within a range that's readily understood and appreciated by a general audience.   You can learn more about us and hear live recordings of the band on our website:  Our Facebook page is:

May 25, 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Cafe Leila, 1724 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702, USA

Rolling Thunder

May 25, 7pm to 9pm, Caffè on San Pablo, 2500 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley


Benefit show for MADRE- a partner of "grassroots Syrian women's groups to provide humanitarian aid to refugees and to demand peace and justice for all Syrians".

Bands TBA

Wheelchair accessible, all-gender restrooms, scent-free space ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS, ALCOHOL, OR BIGOTED BEHAVIOR. ZERO TOLERANCE - THIS IS A SAFE(R) SPACE VENUE

May 25, 7pm to 5/25 12 midnight, 924 Gilman, 924 Gilman St, Berkeley

Sylvestris Quartet

This month we're pleased to host the Sylvestris Quartet. We heard them for the first time at last year's SF Chamber Music Day and were blown away by their talent and creativity. Their programs are unlike most string quartet performances. For one, they play on gut strings, though they play music written as late as the 1940s. They play themed concerts, where you'll hear individual movements of pieces by a variety of composers and the members of the quartet walk the audience through how each of those movements fits with the theme. For their Fifth Street concert the theme is "Brahms's Library", exploring the various musical influences on Brahms's music. Not to be missed! Join us

Anna Washburn, violin
Tyler Lewis, violin
Aaron Westman, viola
Gretchen Claassen, cello

Program subject to change
Giovanni Gabrieli / Canzon a 4
Heinrich Schütz / Psalms from the Becker Psalter
Johannes Brahms / Motet Ach, arme Welt, du trügest mich, Op. 110, no. 2
Johann Sebastian Bach / Contrapunctus 10 from The Art of the Fugue, BWV 1080
Franz Joseph Haydn / String Quartet, Op. 65, no. 5
Brahms / Prelude and Fugue in A minor, WoO 9
Franz Schubert / Quartettsatz, D.703
Brahms / String Quartet no. 1 in C minor, Op. 51, no. 1: i. Allegro
François Couperin / Passacaille from L'Art de Toucher le Clavecin
Brahms / String Quartet no. 3 in A minor, Op. 51, no. 2: iv. Allegro non assai

Reservations are necessary to assure you a seat and made by calling (510) 525-9248, or via email at

Doors open at 7:00, music at 7:30. Cost is $20; all proceeds go to the musicians.

May 25, 7:30pm to 9pm, Fifth Street Farms, 1517 Fifth St, Berkeley

Max Gardener * Little Arcs * Butter Public

Max Gardener - "Max Gardener makes his self-described "bedroom theme music" amidst the solitude of his bedroom, and he intends for you to hear it in the solitude of yours."

Little Arcs - "Little Arcs is a meeting place of three distinct backgrounds, the common thread of which is a deep love for vocal harmony and arrangement."

Butter - "Aaron Schmidt, Thomas Shipley, and Jarrett Tracy of Portland, OR trio BUTTER carefully craft pop tunes that feature stories about love, loss, and sometimes just not being able to fit in. "

May 25, 8pm to 11pm,

Ghost Of Paul Revere

Ghost Of Paul Revere
"The Maine-grown, foot-stompin' holler-folk quartet create the type of music for which festivals are made.

- The Boston Globe

"We grew up listening to Radiohead and the Beatles and Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd," says Griffin Sherry, guitarist/singer in The Ghost Of Paul Revere. "Everyone assumed we were a bluegrass band because we were playing these traditional instruments, but we weren't writing traditional music. We were just writing songs with the instruments we had."

The result is a sound that the Portland, Maine-based band describes as "holler folk," not because it involves a lot of hollering, per se, but because it invokes the rich communal tradition of field hollers, with their call-and-response melodies, sing-along hooks, and densely layered harmonies. That sense of musical camaraderie is essential to everything The Ghost of Paul Revere does, and nowhere is it more evident than their sophomore album, 'Monarch.'

The Sam Chase & The Untraditional
The Sam Chase & The UntraditionalThe Sam Chase has a voice like a Nun on the lam with a mouthful cigarettes and curse words in a lonely bar, drunkenly dancing next to a broken jukebox. His songs are scribbled, not written, on lipstick and sweat stained motel bedsheets because he likes the way the ink bleeds. His guitar runs on diesel and leaks like the morning after too much Whiskey. His is a show you'll probably want to tattoo on your body so everyone will know that you knew him before he was cool.

Hailing from the hills of San Francisco, California, Sam and his band whom he lovingly refers to as The Untraditional, take to stages all over the country with a virulent and frenetic passion which many history buffs might liken to the Norse warriors known as The Berserkers, who were known to have fought their battles with an uncontrollable, trance-like fury. Norse literature notes that they would work themselves into a rage before battle, consuming drugged foods, and dressed in nothing but their enemies blood. The Sam Chase and The Untraditional do maintain that spirit, but leave the drugged foods and enemies blood up to the discretion of the crowd.

May 25, 8pm to 10pm, Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse, 2020 Addison Street, Berkeley

Erik Jekabson's String-tet Plays Ellington

The Erik Jekabson String-tet plays the Music of Duke Ellington

The Berkeley Hillside Club is pleased welcome another old friend back to our stage. Trumpeter, composer, and arranger, Erik Jekabson, has delighted our Concert Series audiences with his music, both as a leader and a side-man many times. This time he will be bringing back his String-tet ensemble with a new program of his own arrangements of Duke Ellington's music - this will be some serious jazz! Don't miss these remarkable artists performing in our historic and acoustically-excellent hall

The Erik Jekabson String-tet are:
Erik Jekabson - trumpet
Michael Zilber - saxophones
Mads Tolling - violin
Charith Premawardhana - viola
Dillon Vado - vibes
Adam Shulman - piano
Doug Stuart - bass
Evan Hughes - drums
and special guest vocalist Kalil Wilson

Trumpeter and arranger Erik Jekabson leads this 8 piece chamber ensemble which explores the music of Duke Ellington from new angles. Ellington, one of the most important American composers of the past hundred years, offers many rich musical veins to mine for new ideas. This ensemble does it with violin, viola, trumpet, saxophone, vibes, piano, bass and drums - and surpassing creativity and virtuosity; expect some new sounds from old classics.

Admission: $20 general, $15 students & seniors, $10 Hillside Club members

May 25, 8pm to 10pm, Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar St, Berkeley

David Slusser: Stray Horns Play Sun Ra

David Slusser's little big-band play his arrangements of Sun Ra's early ground breaking jazz. This week in May marks Sun Ra's birth in 1914, and his passing to other realms in 1993, so the concert is a fitting celebration and tribute.

Band Members and Instrumentation:
David Boyce -tenor sax;
Sheldon Brown -alto sax;
Mara Fox -trombone;
Greg German -drums,
Darren Johnston -trumpet;
Joe McKinley -bass;
Terry Rodriguez -piano;
David Slusser -soprano & bari saxes, electronics

Bio: This is truly an all-star band, with several stellar leaders in its ranks. The leader of this aggregation is David Slusser, a veteran of over 40 years in the Bay Area music scene. Still working his day job at Skywalker Ranch, he's had a long career in film sound working for George Lucas, Pixar, Francis Coppola, David Lynch and Guillermo del Toro, among others. His work with Lynch included co-composing musical pieces for two of his features. Slusser has also maintained a working relationship with New York composer John Zorn; performing, touring, and recording with him since the mid 80s, and contributing to his Arcana book series on music. Through Zorn he met vocalist Mike Patton, who included him in a trio with drummer Han Bennink at the 1996 Saafelden Jazz Festival in Austria, and a large ensemble at the 2010 Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Zorn also introduced him to trumpeter Dave Douglas, in whose group he performed at Stanford in 2014. Locally, David Slusser has left his musical imprint with his jazz group Rubber City and the Improv Rock group Pluto, both teaming him in tandem with the late Ralph Carney. A life long student of band arranging, Slusser won 2 prizes in the 1999 Julius Hemphill Composition Awards, including first prize for jazz orchestra. He has also composed for film documentaries and public radio.
Artist Website:

May 25, 8pm to 10pm, California Jazz Conservatory 2087 Addison St, Berkeley

Mile Twelve

Mile Twelve is a fresh, hard-driving young band beautifully walking the line between original and traditional bluegrass.

Quickly gaining recognition for their outstanding performances in bluegrass and folk circles, Evan Murphy, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Nate Sabat, BB Bowness and David Benedict write captivating songs and daring instrumental pieces from diverse influences. Banjo luminary Tony Trischka says, "Mile Twelve is carrying the bluegrass tradition forward with creativity and integrity."

Since their formation in the fall of 2014, Mile Twelve has quickly been on the rise. They've performed extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia, including sets at major festivals such as Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, FreshGrass Festival, Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival, and Joe Val Bluegrass Festival. Their music is in rotation on the Bluegrass Junction Sirius XM channel, and their rendition of the Stanley Brothers classic "Our Last Goodbye" was featured on a Spotify "Fresh Bluegrass" playlist. The band was the winner of the 2017 Momentum Award by the International Bluegrass Music Association, and in October 2017 released their debut full-length record Onwards, produced by Stephen Mougin.

"In recent years, Boston's Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory have added extra fire to that city's already churning cauldron of traditional string players. Out of this spicy soup jumps Mile Twelve, a group of five accomplished bluegrass musicians who write, sing, and play like the wind. Serious players who have serious fun, Mile Twelve is a group to watch in the coming decade." - Tim O'Brien

Tickets are $12 in advance/$15 at the door and $10 for students with ID Advance tickets are available at the link below, or you may purchase your tickets at the door the night of the show. Doors open one half hour before show time. We accept cash only at the door (ATMs are nearby).

The Back Room is an all-ages, BYOB (for those 21+) space, dedicated to (mostly) acoustic music of all kinds. You are welcome to bring your own adult beverage with no additional corkage fee. If you need more information or have any questions, please call us: #510-654-3808. Thank you for your support!

May 25, 8pm to 10pm, The Back Room, 1984 Bonita Ave, Berkeley


Born : 1972, Steel City, PA, United States

Son of Bertie Higgins.

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm
$20 in advance / $22 at the door

May 25, 8:30pm to 9:30pm, Cornerstone, 2367 Shattuck Ave (Enter On Durant), Berkeley, CA, 94704

Turbonegro, Against Me!

Turbonegro is a Norwegian rock band known for their style that combines glam rock, punk rock and hard rock into what the band describes as "deathpunk."

Norwegian rock ("Deathpunk") band originally started around christmas 1988. Always surrounded by scandal and controversy, they have broken up, retired and changed members several times - their aliases include Turboneger, TRBNGR, and Stierkampf.

Years active: 1989-1998, 2002-2010, 2011-present.

Current line-up:
Happy-Tom (Thomas Seltzer) - Bass (1989 - )
Euroboy (Knut Schreiner) - Lead guitar (1996 - )
Rune Rebellion (Rune Grønn) - Rhythm guitar (1989-2007, 2011 - )
Tommy Manboy (Tommy Akerholdt) - Drums (2011 - )
The Duke of Nothing (Anthony Madsen-Sylvester) - Vocals (2011 - )
Crown Prince Haakon-Marius (Haakon-Marius Pettersen) - Keyboards (2015 - )

Against Me!
Four years is a measurement of time that America has used for centuries to indicate change. Presidential terms last four years; high school diplomas and college degrees typically take four years apiece, too. It's not an arbitrary thing, either: It typically takes that much time from the declaration of something changing for it to actually change.

Meet Laura Jane Grace. Four years ago, the Against Me! frontwoman came out as transgender; 18 months later, she released the band's sixth album, the fiery Transgender Dysphoria Blues, one which she began working on before her transition and helped document the struggles she was facing. It was an intensely personal record that took on a life of its own, connecting with thousands of new listeners drawn to Grace's honesty and complexity while still pleasing Against Me!'s dedicated fanbase.

Now, four years after Grace's public reintroduction, Against Me! is ready to release their new album, Shape Shift With Me, September 16 on Total Treble. While much has changed in the lives of Grace and her bandmates-guitarist James Bowman, bassist Inge Johansson and drummer Atom Willard-in that time period, it's clear that those intervening years have done wonders for creativity.

"Everything with Shape Shift With Me has been really about keeping momentum going," she says. "In between every tour we did for Transgender Dysphoria Blues, I would have a couple songs I had written and we would demo them. At the end of two years of touring, we had an album ready to record. Usually, you come off of touring for a record and you're back at square one. But this was so fully formed it felt like there was no choice but to go ahead and record the songs."

Shape Shift With Me has the distinction of the first album Grace has written truly from the heart, with no metaphorical cloaks cast over the lyrics. It's an album about love, that deceptively complex emotion we all struggle with yet has somehow eluded most of Grace's songwriting for the past 20 years.

"Tons of people have written about love. But while love is cliché, it's infinitely relevant. For me, having always been in a punk band that was expected to be political, I never felt like I had that option to write about feelings in that way. That's what I ended up being drawn to this time. It's writing in a way I thought I could never write before, and not giving a shit about expectations."

A Giant Dog
A Giant Dog were formed in 2008 and hail from Austin, Texas. Sabrina Ellis, Andrew Cashen and Orville Neeley all previously played together during their high school years in Houston. They latterly recruited Andy Bauer (2) and Graham Lowe to become a five piece.

May 25, 9pm to 11pm, The UC Theatre Taube Family Music Hall, 2036 University Avenue, near Downtown Berkeley BART, Berkeley, CA, 94704

The Gravel Spreaders

The Gravel Spreaders is what happens when a metal-head hopped up on moonshine, spite and Hank Williams III sweet-talks and coerces to three musicians into wearing coveralls and playing twang-out hair-metal covers: all your hard rock hits of yesteryear, bluegrass style. They call it Gravel-Billy.

Singing lead and slapping the hell out of his trusty Bandit bass, Bud Hole leads a motley crew consisting of mandolin masher and jaw harpist, Dr. Buck Knife, dobro-slider and gitter-picker, Uncle Mungar, and banjoleer and high-pitched harmonizer, Buzzy "Secret Sauce" Do-Well.

With a set list that covers Johnny Cash, Ozzy, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana and everything in between, the Spreaders remind us that nothing is sacred.

In 2012, they released their debut album, Metal Hee-Häw, and it soon shot to number one on the UC Berkeley KALX charts. Known for their raucous stage show, they have played all over the San Francisco Bay Area at venues such as Slims, Red Devil Lounge, Café Du Nord, and The Uptown and events such as Outside Lands and the Lagunitas Beer Circus.

Recently, they've launched a crowd funding campaign to finance a new album, an album of all originals called The Night Old Dixie Wrecked.

Bud (Tom Beyer), Doc (K.S. Haddock), Uncle Mungar (Mark Ungar) and Buzzy Do-Well (Pete Feltman) are long-time Bay Area multi-instrumentalists who collectively have several albums, movie scores, and San Francisco Fringe Festival awards to their credit. Look up The Gravel Spreaders on Facebook and at Email them at

The Gravel Spreaders are
Bud Hole: lead vocals, bass
Dr. Buck Knife: mandolin, vocals;
Uncle Mungar: dobro, guitar, vocals
Buzzy Do-Well: banjo, vocals

Doors at 9:00 pm; Show at 9:30 pm
Buy Tickets on EVENTBRITE
Tickets are $12 Advance / $15 at the Door

May 25, 9:30pm to 11:59pm, Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center, 1317 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley