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Cascada De Flores

"Featuring Arwen's ravishing voice and guitarist Jorge Liceaga's supple accompaniment, Cascada de Flores brings intoxicating energy to the Latin American songbook. Playful, witty and artfully staged, the show is as charming as the music is breathtaking." Andrew Gilbert, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News

Mar 30, 11:45am to 2:45pm, Cheese Board Pizza, 1512 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Super Cinema @Central

October 2018
The 1980s-Blockbusters!
Friday, October 5 Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 / 115 min. / PG / CC

It's 1936. The US government hires archaeologist "Indiana" Jones (Harrison Ford) to find the Ark of the Covenant before Nazi Commander Arnold Toht grabs it for Hitler. The Germans believe the Ark will make their armies invincible. Marion Ravenwood (Karen Black), who is an old love interest of Indy's, joins him in a wildly daring, suspenseful mission to defeat Toht. George Lucas co-wrote the story and co-financed the film. Directed by Steven Spielberg.

Friday, October 12 Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 1988 / 104 min. / PG / CC

In this film, set in 1947 LA, humans and animated cartoon characters ("Toons") co-exist on the screen. When "Toon" Roger Rabbit gets framed for the murder of a businessman who owns Toontown, he hires rumpled Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) to clear his name. Eddie racks up delicious allusions to Noir as he does. Kathleen Turner voices Jessica Rabbit, Roger's partly human wife, and Christopher Lloyd is the villain, Judge Doom. Robert Zemeckis directs.

Friday, October 19 E.T. the Extraterrestrial 1982 / 115 min. / PG / CC

Steven Spielberg directs E.T., a science fiction fantasy. Young Elliott befriends a space alien who accidentally has been left behind by his spaceship's crew. The boy and his siblings decide to hide E.T. until he can be rescued. As Elliott begins to experience a psychic connection with E.T., US government scientists start to hunt E.T. for their own purposes. At the same time, Elliott and E.T. fall ill. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beloved films of all time.

Friday, October 26 The Shining 1980 / 146 min. / R / CC

Aspiring writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) accepts a job as winter caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. His wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and pre-school age son Danny (Danny Lloyd) go with him.. Jack hears the disturbing story that a former caretaker had gone mad while there, murdered his family and killed himself-but keeps it to himself. With six months ahead of them, they settle in, cut off from the world.

November 2018 On-Screen Chemistry Before 1950
Friday, November 2 Swing Time 1936 / 103 min. / NR

Small town vaudevillian Lucky Garnett (Fred Astaire) is a no-show for his own wedding, but he still hopes to marry his girl. He seeks the wealth he thinks he needs in New York City, where he meets Penny (Ginger Rogers), a dancing instructor. It's a big conflict for Lucky, but the starstruck two form a successful dance act...and fall for each other. Arguably, Swing Time has the most complex dancing and the most plausible romance in the Astaire/Rogers franchise.

Friday, November 9 To Have and Have Not 1944 / 100 min. / NR

Based on the Ernest Hemingway novel and directed by Howard Hawks, this is a romantic adventure drama that centers on Harry Morgan (Humphrey Bogart), a fishing boat captain in the Vichy France-controlled colony of Martinique. A very young Lauren Bacall plays Slim, a steamy American singer who seduces Morgan ("You know how to whistle, don't you?") When Morgan reluctantly agrees to use his boat to rescue Resistance fighters, will Slim stand by him?

Friday, November 16 Adam's Rib 1949 / 101 min. / NR

Married couple Garson Kanin and actress Ruth Gordon wrote the screenplay for this classic comedy. It's about married lawyers (Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn) who face off as prosecutor and defense attorney in the trial of Doris Attinger (Judy Holliday) for the attempted murder of her two-timing husband (Tom Ewell). Holliday is priceless. Directed by George Cukor, Adam's Rib is # 7 on the American Film Institute's Top Ten List of Romantic Comedies.

Friday, November 23 LIBRARY CLOSED-Day After Thanksgiving


Friday, November 30 The New World 2006 / 150 min. / PG-13

Terrence Malik ("The Tree of Life") wrote and directed this film depicting the 1607 founding of Jamestown Colony in Virginia. Yes, Captain John Smith (Colin Farrell) travels upriver, is captured and held prisoner by Chief Powhatan. Smith and the Chief's daughter, Pocohontas (Q'orianka Kilcher), do fall in love. But the filmmaker chooses to focus on the natural world's deep, dreamlike impact on them, not ephemeral chemistry. Their dream does not last, not for them, not for their "tribes." In 2006, The New World opened to mildly positive reviews, but it has grown in stature since then. Emmanuel Luzbeki's brilliant cinematography is often cited as its crowning achievement. Mick LaSalle has called the film a masterpiece and the best film of its decade. Roger Ebert 4-starred it from the start.

Mar 30, 3pm to 5pm, 2090 Kittredge St. (at Shattuck), Berkeley, CA 94704

Mister Universo Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel

Austria, Italy, 2016, (90 mins)
The spirits of early Fellini and De Sica can be felt in this captivating docudrama about an Italian lion-tamer on the hunt for the strongman who started him on the circus life.

Mar 30, 4pm to 5:30pm, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, 2155 Center St, Berkeley, CA 94704, United States

Big B and the Snake Oil Saviors

Classic country music with local crooner, Big B.

Mar 30, 4:45pm to 7:45pm, Cheese Board Pizza, 1512 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Bill Petitti Quartet

Mar 30, 7pm to 9pm, Caffé on San Pablo, 2500 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley

Omnidawn's Spring 2018 Book Release Party!

Featuring our Spring 2018 Omnidawn authors
reading from their new books
Trisha Peck will read from Strata

Ewa Chrusciel is a bilingual poet and translater. Her two previous books in English (besides this reprint of Strata) are Contraband of Hoopoe and Of Annunciations. She has also published three books in Polish: Tobolek, Sopilki, Furkot. She is an associate professor of creative writing at Colby-Sawyer College in New Hampshire.
Diana Khoi Nguyen will read from Ghost Of

Born in Los Angeles, Diana Khoi Nguyen is a poet and multimedia artist. Her work has appeared widely in literary journals such as Poetry, American Poetry Review, Boston Review, PEN America, and The Iowa Review, among others. A winner of the 92Y's Discovery / Boston Review 2017 Poetry Contest, she is a PhD candidate in creative writing at the University of Denver.
Richard Greenfield will read from Subterranean

Richard Greenfield's two previous books of poetry are Tracer (Omnidawn, 2009) and A Carnage in the Lovetrees (University of California Press, 2003). He is a founding editor of Apostrophe Books and the editor-in-chief of Puerto del Sol. He is currently a professor of creative writing at New Mexico State University.
J.D. Moyer will read from The Icelandic Cure

J.D. Moyer writes science fiction and produces electronic music in two groups (Jondi & Spesh and Momu). He runs Loöq Records and blogs at His stories have appeared in Strange Horizons and Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores. He is currently working on his first novel, The Sky Woman.
Bin Ramke will read from Light Wind Light Light

Bin Ramke is the author of ten books of poetry, the first of which won the Yale Younger Poets Prize. He is an Evans Professor at the University of Denver where he holds the Phipps Chair in English, and where he edited the Denver Quarterly for 17 years. He also teaches at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, and has edited over 80 books of poems for the University of Georgia Press.
A short video will introduce THE Drunkards

LM Rivera lives in Santa Fe, NM. He co-edits Called Back Books with his partner, poet Sharon Zetter. His work has appeared in Upstairs at Duroc, Alien Mouth, Fuzz, Mannequin Haus, Prelude, Dream Pop Press and elsewhere.
Claire Marie Stancek will read from Oil Spell

Claire Marie Stancek is also the author of Mouths. With Daniel Benjamin, she co-edited Active Aesthetics: Contemporary Australian Poetry. With Lyn Hejinian and Jane Gregory, she edits Nion Editions. She is completing a PdD in English at the University of California, Berkeley, where she teaches classes in literature and creative writing. She is originally from outside Toronto, Canada.

Mar 30, 7pm to 8pm, Moe's Books, 2476 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

All That Heaven Allows - Douglas Sirk

United States, 1955, (89 mins)
Vintage Technicolor 35mm Print
Rock Hudson comes to prune widow Jane Wyman's garden and uproots her sterile, upper-middle-class suburban life in this elegiac, Thoreauvian mood piece that inspired Todd Haynes's Far from Heaven.

Mar 30, 7pm to 8:30pm,

Pity Party "Are You Happy Yet?" CD Release

girls rule.

Pity Party
("Are You Happy Yet?" CD RELEASE! // stoked, broke, still drinkin' 40s)

(local poppy grumpy babes)

(shred forever)

(super secret local band who are having a hard time getting outta bed if you catch my drift)

Dying For It
(Redding vegan straightedge hardcore. boys drool.)

(stockton girlgang-core)

All Ages. 7pm.
$10 + $2 Membership.
Safe(r) Space Venue: no alcohol, drugs, or bigoted behavior

Mar 30, 7pm to 11:59pm, 924 Gilman 924 Gilman St, Berkeley

Eldren with Zack Bateman

Mar 30, 8pm to 11pm, The Starry Plough Pub

Trio Garufa, Tango Argentino

Trio Garufa's repertoire includes Classic Argentine Tangos from the golden era, as well as Argentine Folklore Music, modern Tangos from Piazzolla, Electro-Tangos and original compositions.

Band Members and Instruments:
Guillermo Garcia, Guitar; Adrian Jost, Bandoneon; Sascha Jacobsen, Bass

Trio Garufa is an international ensemble dedicated to performing authentic Argentine music. They have performed across Argentina, Colombia, Canada and the US at venues such as Yoshi's Jazz Club, Chicago Symphony Hall, Teatro Leon de Greiff and La Viruta (the largest Tango club in Buenos Aires). Trio Garufa's repertoire includes Classic Argentine Tangos from the golden era, as well as Argentine Folklore Music, modern Tangos from Piazzolla, Electro-Tangos and original compositions. The Trio's music is exciting, virtuosic, and rooted in the dance. They have performed extensively in the Milongas (Tango dance clubs) of Buenos Aires.

Mar 30, 8pm to 10pm, California Jazz Conservatory, 2087 Addison St, Berkeley

Leftover Dreams

Leftover Dreams is Patrice Haan and Tony Marcus singing gems of the great American songbook with stunning harmonies and burnished accompaniment. Tony Marcus is a veteran of such groups as Cats & Jammers and the Cheap Suit Serenaders and plays guitar with style and wit while singing in a voice that has been called "The definition of mellifluous" (Derk Richardson in the East Bay Express). Patrice Haan's voice has been described as a "velvety alto/tenor" (Kerry Parker in the Folknik), and her intimate delivery of lyrics never fails to reach audiences.

The two of them, along with reed player extraordinaire Jeff Sanford (leader of the Cartoon Jazz Orchestra), present a sampling of the best of the classic songs of Jimmy Van Heusen, the Gershwins, Harold Arlen and such mixed with lesser known delights that haven't seen the light of day for decades. As for the playing, "Marcus spins out dazzling and emotionally evocative solos" (Derk Richardson again). Jeff Sanford has performed with such jazz greats as Clark Terry, Regina Carter, Stan Getz and Tootie Heath, and brings his delight at playing music to all his performances.Tickets are $15 and are available at the link below, or you may purchase your tickets at the door the night of the show. Doors open one half hour before show time. We accept cash only at the door (ATMs are nearby).

Mar 30, 8pm to 10pm, The Back Room, 1984 Bonita Ave, Berkeley

The Seldom Scene

The Seldom Scene is an American bluegrass band formed in 1971 in Bethesda, Maryland. The Scene has been instrumental in starting the progressive bluegrass movement as their shows include bluegrass versions of country music, rock, and even pop. What does it take for a bluegrass band to remain popular for more than four decades? For The Seldom Scene, it's taken not only talented musicians, a signature sound, and a solid repertoire, but also a sheer sense of fun.

Guitar / Dudley Connell
Mandolin, Guitar / Lou Reid
Banjo, Fiddle / Rickie Simpkins
Dobro / Fred Travers
Bass / Ronnie Simpkins

Mar 30, 8pm to 9pm, Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse, 2020 Addison Street

The Hogan Brothers

Steeped in jazz, the East Bay-raised Hogan Brothers have played with leading figures in R&B, funk, hip-hop and Latin music. With Julian on drums, Steve on bass and Colin on electric piano and accordion, the Brothers have established a huge network: "A diagram charting the vast network of musicians connected to the siblings Steve, Colin and Julian Hogan would capture just about the entire Bay Area music scene." -Andrew Gilbert, SJ Mercury News

Mar 30, 8pm to 11pm, Jupiter, 2181 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Trout Steak Revival, One Grass Two Grass

Trout Steak Revival
Ever since winning the 2014 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition, Trout Steak Revival has quickly become a quintessential Colorado band. The band won an Emmy Award for a soundtrack they contributed to a Rocky Mountain PBS. They've collaborated with school children in mentoring programs in Denver and Steamboat Springs. Their music is featured on Bank of Colorado's radio and television advertisements. Most recently, Westword named them Denver's Best Bluegrass Band, and they were nominated as a Momentum Band of the Year by the International Bluegrass Music Association.

Mar 30, 8:30pm to 9:30pm, Cornerstone, 2367 Shattuck Ave (Enter On Durant), Berkeley, CA, 94704

Marley's Ghost

Marley's Ghost is nothing less than a national treasure, the capable inheritors of the archetypal Americana blueprint drawn up by The Band.

As the L.A. Weekly aptly put it, "This West Coast group deftly dashes across decades of American music to create a sound that's steeped in tradition but never bogged down by traditionalism."

An eclectic aggregation composed of singer/multi-instrumentalists Dan Wheetman, Jon Wilcox, Mike Phelan, Ed Littlefield Jr., Jerry Fletcher, and Bob Nichols - the band can sing and play anything with spot-on feel, from roots to rock, blues to bluegrass, gospel to stone country, which is what they've been doing - to the ongoing delight of a fervent cult that includes many of their fellow musicians - throughout their first quarter century as a working unit. Their trademark multi-part harmonies never cease to captivate, whether on record or in live performance.

The band celebrates its 30th anniversary with the release of The Woodstock Sessions, helmed by Grammy-winning producer Larry Campbell. Known for his artful work with Bob Dylan, Levon Helm, and countless others, Campbell guides the Ghost's dig into its garden of deep roots to uncover a host of hidden gems. Featuring its trademark multi-part harmonies and multi-instrumental skills, the band's 11th album is a resonant road trip through America's past set firmly in the present.

Campbell, a master musician of all things stringed and winner of an Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award, brought Marley's Ghost to the legendary Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY after working with the group as a sideman on its previous recording, the scintillating roots-music tour de force, Jubilee. That album, produced by legendary Nashville cat Cowboy Jack Clement and recorded at the city's venerable Sound Emporium, also features guest performances from Emmylou Harris, John Prine, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Marty Stuart.

The winning chemistry between Campbell and Ghost has already set yet another recording project in motion - a gospel album, a genre beloved by both artist and producer

Doors 8:30pm; Show 9pm
Tickets $12 Advance / $15 at the Door, Purchase Tickets Here

Mar 30, 9pm to 11:59pm, Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center, 1317 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley