Berkeley Arts Festival Calendar


Sourdough Slim with Robert Armstrong

$21 advance / $23 door. 644-2020.

8pm, Freight and Salvage Coffee House, 2020 Addison

Ballet Flamenco Eva Yerbabuena

$22/$28/$36/$44/$52/$58. 642-9988.

8pm, Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley Campus

8 pm Davis - Xinh duo, 9 pm JASA Quartet

8 pm
Evelyn Davis - piano
Xo Xinh - electronics

Xo Xinh is a Vietnamese electroacoustic music composer, performer, improviser, and educator. Most of his works aim to re-contextualize the essence of traditional instruments through spectral processing and interactive manipulation of the acoustic sound by the computer, as well as to explore the transformation of traditional music through the contemporary and experimental medium. He received his MFA in Electronic Music at Mills College in 2012 and has performed his music since then throughout the U.S., and in Europe, Australia, and South America. He is currently an Instructor of Electronic Music at Evergreen Valley College.

Evelyn Davis is a Bay Area-based improvisor, inside pianist/pianist, organist, vocalist, composer, and songwriter. After spending her life unto late teens as a classical pianist, she intensively studied jazz, orchestral composition, improvisation, and, for many years, has been an integral member of a variegated group of bands in genres ranging from highly-composed progressive rock to chamber pop to folk. She is founder of and organist for the ensemble Drone Church, and intermittently she performs with large- scale Bay Area improvisation ensembles (such as OrcheSperry, Moechestra!), and with Bay Area notables such as Fred Frith, Phillip Greenlief, and Tzadik's Aprille Tang, with whom she forms the electro-acoustic
improvisation & neo-lieder duo VOZZT.

9 pm
JASA Quartet
Andrew Jamieson - Keyboards
Joshua Marshall - Saxophones
Aaron Oppenheim - Laptop
Shanna Sordahl - Cello

JASA Quartet creates moments of sound with a telepathic focus that transcends sensory experience. Their purely musical dialogue plunges the depths of meaning while tapping into pre-verbal sonic communication. JASA's non-hierarchical dynamics present a radically democratic vision of time, experienced equally by performer and audience.

8pm to 10:30pm, 2133 University Avenue